Hand painted, custom created pieces.

Just some ideas 

 Events that a personalized gift would be good for...

Birthday grown up or child..

Grown up gift maybe a wine glass with happy birthday or over the hill, candles painted all around the glass, a birthday cake.

A child's birthday.. a plate set with their name on it, a cup with their name or flowers, a toy, a favorite super hero.

Graduation.. window art with their name, date, and congratulations on their graduation. A special saying from their loved ones, a cap thrown up in the air with a funny saying like "few didn't think it would ever end" or "longest four years of my  life but worth it".

Retirement.. Know someone that is about to retire? Well why not commemorate that day.

A just because gift. Let your loved one know you are always thinking of them. Maybe they live far away or just right next door. Everyday is a good day to let them know how much you care.

Fourth of July is coming up.. Be the talk of the party with a custom piece of glass. Be it the sugar bowl or the punch bowl, a serving platter, or window art, or the cake dish again the possibilities are just about endless.

Do you have a large window and want to hide a bit  without covering it up? Why not a window art.. I can paint up to an 18x24. The light will still come in and you will have a bit of privacy too.

Flower vases. Why not have your flower vase be as beautiful as the flowers you put in them. Give them a personal touch be it a little or a lot. It's all up to you.

Flower pots.. I love flowers and i don't always like the pots because they are bland and dull. And if you want elaborate ones they are often come with a hefty price. And they don't always really suite you and your personality. Why settle for average when you can have exceptional. 

The birth of a child.. Maybe a window art with their name, date of birth, time, what the name means, a personal saying. Maybe part of the nursery theme, foot prints, hand prints, a poem.

Candle holders

candy dishes

Halloween, Thanksgiving,

Christmas but not only for gifts for others but for items around your house. Serving platter, bowls, cups, window art, candy dishes, sugar bowls.

New years why not throw a new years party with wine glasses customized with the year on them that your guests can take home. Great party favor and fun too! Wine is not your thing??  I am sure we can find something that will fit.

Valentines day... Everyday should be valentines day but this day in February should be as special as your loved one. I say it is easy to remember the big things but it takes heart and time to remember the little things. So on this valentines day remember the little things that make your loved one smile. 

St. Patrick's day.. Fun fun fun.. Great holiday.. All kinds of creative opportunities there.

Mothers day

Fathers day

Memorial day

Veterans day



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